Hardware for hotel systems

The hotel systems "SMARTBUS" offer a highly professional answer (hardware and software) especially progressive, modular and economically competitive for the control and receptive tourist and hotel management.

The hotel systems have the following features:

- High communication speed (up to 115.200 bauds).

- Dynamic protocol highly performance and with an efficient error check.

- They're reliable and secured, thanks to the high-level electronics and to the complete system of diagnostics present in the software.

- They're versatile for functions, modular structure and ways of use of the type "Plug & Play".

- They're simple and fast to install thanks to the few links (bus power) and the extractable clamps.

- They're suitable both for the big and little installations.

- The power of all the devices, without polarity, can be both in alternated and continues 12 Volt and in continues 24Volt.

- Every room control unit completely makes the room independent and autonomous from the system, arranging to coordinate the functions between the various internal forms and communicate the parameters to the host (however necessary for the room operation).

the basic hotel kits expect:

-Installation up to transponder reader for the access to the room n.2, in double access case (suite, 1 secondary access for cleanings, etc).
-Installation up to n.2 Holder Card (one for port) supply with transponder reader (the holder cards actually check that the inserted card is enabled for that room and the request functions).

-Installation up to n.2 Climate control units with P.I.D. regulation functions possibly settable from the user and many other progressive functions. The fan coils speed regulation can be of the type continues, rather than relè.
-Every Climate control unit can check up to 8 fans coils (and also more with opportune amplifiers) .Can be also connected in the common areas directly lacing it to the main room bus.

-The basic hotel system is already arranged for the expansion with other supplementary forms (safe box, energy, etc consumptions).



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